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Knee“When there is free flow, there is no pain.”

Acupuncture is more than just pain relief. Acupuncture is proven to effectively relieve pain with lasting results. Traditional Chinese Medicine views pain as Qi and Blood stagnation. Qi, sometimes referred to as “Life Energy,” flows with Blood throughout the body, animating and protecting the body from illness, pain and disease. When a person experiences some sort of physical trauma, their flow of Qi and Blood is disrupted, and this in turn causes pain. Acupuncture can help to unblock this obstruction. Cupping, moxibustion, or herbal medicine can do so, as well. When a person’s Qi is flowing more smoothly, their Blood will follow it and move smoothly as well. Then the Qi and Blood can freely circulate throughout the body, providing adequate nourishment to cells, organs, glands, tissues, and muscles. This can eliminate pain, restore balance and harmony, as well as improve the body’s ability to heal itself, ultimately leading to optimal health and well-being. In Chinese medicine there is a famous dictum that sums it up as follows: “When there is free flow, there is no pain.”

Western science has a number of theories on the mechanism of acupuncture. Acupuncture affects higher brain areas, stimulating the secretion of beta-endorphins and enkephalins in the brain and spinal cord. The release of neurotransmitters influences the immune system and the antinociceptive (pain tolerance) system.(1,2,3) Acupuncture also stimulates the release of norepinepherine, acetylcholine and several types of opioids, affecting changes in their turnover rate, normalizing the autonomic nervous system, and thereby reducing pain.(4,5) Acupuncture also activates non-nociceptive receptors that inhibit the transmission of nociceptive (pain) signals in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord, thereby “gating out” painful stimuli.(6) Acupuncture also affects the electrical system of the body by creating or enhancing closed-circuit transport in tissues. This facilitates healing by allowing the transfer of material and electrical energy between normal and injured tissues.(7) And finally, acupuncture affects the blood concentrations of triglycerides, cholesterol, and phospholipids, suggesting that acupuncture can both raise and diminish peripheral blood components, thereby regulating the body toward homeostasis.(8)

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"David is a very gifted acupuncturist and healer on many levels. He is extremely sensitive to the needs of this particular patient’s body, who has seen the ravages of extreme sports and personal injury through the last 40 years. Seeing him almost weekly for the last 2 years has changed my physiology quite remarkably. I have been fortunate enough to avoid two additional surgeries, which I attribute to David’s consistent attention to fine-tuning my overall health, well being and incredible ability to read my body’s “chi” accurately. “Dr. Dave”, as he is fondly referred to by my daughter, is a disciplined practitioner, gentle spirited, a gifted healer, spiritually grounding and inspiring. I recommend anyone, whether you have never had acupuncture or you are a 20 year veteran of Eastern healing methodology, to visit David Stokke for the benefit of healing and overall health and well being. Dr. Dave, you’re the greatest! "
-Cliff B. El Cerrito, CA
Review courtesy of Yelp
"Dave helped my back more in one visit than my chiropractor could in three. His treatments are gentle and thoughtful; so relaxing I always fall asleep on the table, and leave feeling totally blissed out."
-Amanda F. Berkeley, CA
Review courtesy of Yelp
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David Stokke, MS, LAc and Michelle Bullard, MS, LAc, are licensed Acupuncturists and Herbalists in Berkeley, California.